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Summer 2018 Update from Ravi Shanghavi

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the Summer here in Ottawa. It seems to have become a custom to share an update every so often on this site, so here goes... At Antilia Homes , where I am President, we have had another very busy six months . We completed various developments such as Carleton Avenue Phase II, and have already started on fresh ones such as our Kenora Street luxury three-storey home .  This photo of an Antilia Homes kitchen demonstrates the high-spec finish we apply to every home. I'm very proud of this one, and am lucky to work with such talented designers and tradespeople. I've also given into my passion (addiction) for blogging, and created another site. This one focuses on the latest car news, including leaks, rumours, and comment on announcements. My first two posts have focused on the BMW Z4, which is to hit the road in 2019. My first post looked at the rumours around the much-anticipated vehicle. I updated with a second post , sh

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